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Project Related Research

Coming soon - in addition to providing this service through our in-house library maintenance and to our website subscribers, we can be contracted with for fixed-scope research projects.

Our research can include ferreting out information on material alternatives, technologies, materials with sustainable characteristics or to meet specific criteria (recycled content, CHPS, or FSC Certified, for example), journal research on building types, architectural precedents, trends, applicable codes or just about any architectural or design related topic. We bill our time in increments of 15 minutes and can usually estimate approximately how much time it will take to do specific types of research. For our website subscribers we offer an option that includes “unlimited” research. We do place a caveat on this unlimited research to include providing time-saving information that is quickly and readily available to us through our own collected resources or through our network of experts that we have cultivated over the last 17 years. Research deemed “extensive” will incur additional charges; limits can be established and this time is usually project billable.

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