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Sustainable Materials Database Search — this search function allows more refined searches for specific sustainability criteria including specific 3rd party certifications (FSC Certified, CHPS, GreenGuard Plus, C2C, Level, etc.) and other sustainable characteristics, such as Recycled Content, Low Maintenance, Rapidly Renewable, and Exceptional Durability. We also provide a zip code search feature that allows you to identify materials with manufacturing facilities within 300 or 500 miles of your project and products manufactured within the United States.

As with all of the information on our database, we are continually making additions and corrections during our daily work. The information on what makes a product sustainable helps direct your search. We always recommend you contact manufacturers directly for more detailed information about specific products within a manufacturer’s product offering or for the details necessary for LEED documentation, especially because manufacturers are continually making improvements regarding the sustainability of their products and manufacturing processes.

If you are a rep or a manufacturer and would like to find out if we have the correct sustainability certifications for your products and the correct locations for your manufacturing facilities, please email brenda.

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