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Custom Database for Individuals and Firms

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Custom Database for Individuals and Firms—a virtual online library, keeping track of firm favorites and their respective reps. Your custom database can be accessed either by username and password or by IP address. You may choose to search the entire database of materials or only your firm favorites.

Data fields for each manufacturer are added to keep notes, add project numbers, perhaps to identify specific products that were used on past projects for future reference, or to list problems or successes with specific materials that you don’t want to forget. The content in these fields are visible only through your login and, therefore, only viewed by those intended. Because the basic data is part of the main materials database, it is kept reasonably up to date. If you choose in the future to stop being a subscriber with a customized database, your specific data will be able to be exported to your own server into whatever database software you desire in order to maintain the information in-house. BDR staff and our website programmer will be able to make custom changes to meet your needs. The cost for this service will be based on the volume of data and the extent of the specific modifications desired. It will also be important for designated individuals in your office to be trained to keep track of your firm’s personal information on a continual basis. Call us to find out more about this service.

If you are a rep or a manufacturer and would like to find out if we have information about your company and materials on our database, please email brenda.