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Brenda Stanfield, AIA, LEED AP+

"What gives me the greatest satisfaction in our work is to make a connection between an architect or designer and a material previously unknown that becomes part of a building project-the timeliness of it when it happens! I also love discovering the next latest and greatest material or technology that I can share with our clients. The world of material technology has exploded during the last decade making it an exciting time to be in this industry."

Brenda's interest in art and design through all her primary and secondary education years eventually led her to study interior design and architecture, first at the University of Missouri, earning a Bachelors in Interior Design, and then to the Boston Architectural Center and Washington University in St. Louis where she earned her M.Arch. Her professional career included a year with Cambridge Seven Associates and 16 years at The Architects Collaborative. During her years as a practicing architect, her skills evolved from design to mastering the process of programming and planning--collecting, assembling and disseminating information, which would become the foundations for new and renovated building projects. These skills are the ones she put to use in her own business, Building and Design Resources, launched in 1993 as a resource for information, designed to serve all those in the building industry. It was her own need for information during the recession of the early 90s that was the inspiration for this business, but it is her love of information and the desire to share it, along with her practical experience, that keeps it relevant.

Sandra Roedel, LEED AP

Sandy's background reveals clearly what drew her to Building and Design Resources. Her education includes two Associates degrees, one from New York's Fashion Institute and one in textile design from RIT, and a BA in Art History from Wellesley College. After a professional career that included interior design for friends and family, being a clothing buyer for The Lodge in Harvard Square, and being a co-founder and operator of Bakers' Best, a specialty food shop/cafe, where she focused on interior design and display, purchasing, baking and the hospitality aspects of the business, she followed a mid-career interest in libraries and the invaluable services they offer. This interest brought her back to school to earn a Masters in Library Science from Simmons College. After an introduction to the world of special libraries working as an assistant librarian for Prentice Hall, she found her way to BDR.

Sandy's keen sense of hospitality makes her a welcome presence in all of her libraries. She is resourceful in life and in her job, and is tenacious in finding the right answers, especially when it's a totally new topic on a subject or material she has never researched before. She loves being a part of the design process, loves her job with BDR and looks forward with enthusiasm each and every day as she heads to the libraries of our client firms. As Brenda says, "what more could a 'boss' ask for!"

Donna Parrish

Donna has worked in the architecture, design, and art industries for over twenty years. She earned an MArch in Architecture from the University of Virginia, a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design, and has completed numerous specialized study and professional development programs, such as the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. Her work at Building & Design Resources has refined her skills in library management, product research, and online database maintenance, as well as helped to strengthen communication between professionals in BDR's vast network.

Her understanding of architecture and design allows her to better suit her research and maintenance models for the architects and interior designers she supports. Her other interests include exhibition planning, architectural photography, environmental psychology, and art education, each of which she has pursued in equal measure.

Jenya Zhilina

As an architectural historian and an experienced archivist with over 10 years of experience with Massachusetts architectural firms, Jenya knows the importance of the complete life cycle of records, whether organizing active project paper and digital architectural and administration documentation or sorting through old moldy blueprints. For legal, historical, design and construction administration purposes, she creates and implements record management and archival systems tailored specifically to the needs of each of our architectural firm clients. She coordinates and maintains materials in off-site storage, making both security and accessibility her top priorities. Once Jenya's Record and Information Management (RIM) and Archival Systems are in place, they can easily be maintained by office staff, for which she provides orientation and training.

Jenya's sunny personality, combined with her efficient and systematic approach to records management, has made her essential with many of our clients. While wearing her "historian" hat, she has even featured some of the architectural projects, with which she has been involved, in publications. Jenya takes pride in preserving the legacies of the firms she serves. She is a member of the Society of Architectural Historians as well as of the Society of Americans Archivists.

Originally from St.-Petersburg, Russia, Jenya is currently a PhD candidate at the Russian Academy of Arts working on a dissertation on H.H. Richardson. While in Russia, she also taught at the Academy of Arts and at the European University, both in St. Petersburg-courses on the History of New England Architecture and on Historic Preservation in New England. She has been living with her family in Boston for the past fourteen years.