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Records and Information Management (RIM) for current and upcoming projects

  • Establish a filing system for new projects (if none already exists), the intention of which is to have a standard office-wide system that can accept modifications based on specific project documentation needs.
  • Day to day operations--the flow of documentation can be managed either weekly or biweekly depending on project managers’ needs.
  • Periodical maintenance of the files--keep files in good order while projects are active to simplify archiving in the future.
  • Prepare files for archiving--all documents including construction drawings will be sorted by legal, historical or design significance, and will be boxed or rolled for storage.
  • Create an exclusive system for standard document management within the office by preparing a package of useful tools such as a filing location map, file directory, and document management standards binder for administrative staff.
  • Digital storage--in coordination with the IT department, propose standards for saving all digital communication that is not necessary for legal or historical purposes, yet has important reference information; digital storage should mirror/ reflect actual paper files.
  • Educate staff on the most efficient ways of using the document management system.
  • Troubleshoot as needed.