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Consulting with Manufacturers

Based on our experience managing libraries, working with architects and interior designers, and researching products for the last 17 years, and on the results of a nationwide survey we conducted with architects and interior designers regarding “Internet vs. in-house libraries and how research and product sourcing is typically conducted”, we have strong, educated opinions about how manufacturers should package their information—web-based information vs. binder content—and on the packaging of samples to best serve the growing desire to have physical samples in the in-house libraries. We can help you better serve architects and interior designers and market your services and products more effectively. We can:

  • Review how your information available to architects and design professionals is packaged—what materials are best accessed on the web, what they prefer to have in a binder, how samples are packaged—all geared to best serve the ever changing physical libraries within firms
  • Review your planned advertisements targeting architects and interior designers for their effectiveness;
  • Consult and advise on setting up shows and city-wide events to which architects and designers will be invited
  • Consult on the content of continuing education programs
  • Help to find appropriate local representation, identifying experienced reps, who are well-respected within our design community or offer opinions about reps being considered.