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What our clients are saying

“ Brenda and her colleagues at BDR have been an integral part of our firm's practice for 12 years. We particularly value their conscientious approach to maintaining our reference library, relationships with product reps, and her leadership in coordinating our lunch-and-learn sessions. We consider them part of the Goody Clancy "family," and would not hesitate to recommend their services for other firms."

Roger Goldstein
Goody Clancy & Associates

“We have been working with Brenda and her team for years. They keep us organized and facilitate our ability to do our project work. Plus they are great resources for materials, specs, and comparative analysis that would otherwise take us hours to research. BDR has been a valuable resource for us."

William Harris
Signer Harris Architects

“Building Design Resources' Sandy Roedel helped us grow our interiors and architectural library from a good resource to a great one. Sandy kept us organized and made the library easily usable by all of the staff, provided maintenance services that we could not do on our own with the kind of efficiency and commitment she brought to the job, and constantly sought out new resources that were appropriate to our practice. BDR coordinated lunch and learns and found meaningful and varied educational opportunities for all of us. Sandy was viewed as a member of our staff in every way."

Barbara F. Sherman | Senior Associate
Wilson Butler Architects

“Building and Design Resources and their friendly and knowledgeable staff were an instrumental piece of the puzzle when it came to cataloguing and organizing our active reference material and wading through 10yrs worth of WBA history. BDR’s recommendation of a new off-site records storage facility and the implementation of a user friendly database has increased the efficiency of locating and using reference materials for current projects and marketing tools."

Jessie Boudreau | Design Studio
Wilson Butler Architects

“For the nine years I have been with the firm, Building and Design Resources has always impressed me with their expertise, knowledge and organization when it came to building and maintaining our library. Because of her architectural background, Brenda Stanfield has been able to provide William Rawn Associates with unending insight into everything from the latest resource book to introducing and getting new products into the hands of the Architects.

BDR also employees a truly amazing Archivist, Jenya Zhilina. Jenya can take a mountain of project related paper kept in clothes baskets, under desks and written on scraps of paper, weed out the duplicates and make a really comprehensive file. She’s very knowledgeable in discussing ways to better archive and store existing files, and maintaining files she’s organized along the way.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Building and Design Resources for any of your architectural library and archiving needs."

Peg MacDonald
Office Manager
William Rawn Associates, Architects

“We at Bergmeyer have been fortunate enough to employ the services of Building Design Resources’ staff.

Building Design Resources’ archivist, Jenya Zhilana, is extremely knowledgeable about architectural practice. She came to us with an efficient and thorough system for project review and archiving which enabled us to reduce the quantity of documents sent off site and enhance the filing of these documents so that they were more easily retrievable when necessary, all while ensuring that we comply with state statutes for document retention. She also helped educate our project managers as to the best practices for archiving and the most efficient and time-saving ways to set up files and document information from project inception. Jenya proved herself to be proactive and thorough; she was personally invested in helping improve our business practices, and we found her services to be invaluable.

BDR also supported our technical staff by scheduling educational events as well as materials presentations and coordinating the updating and organization of our office resource library. As BDR staff are familiar with the products, services and representatives with whom we frequently work on projects, they are extremely well suited for this service; their work made our library a more efficient and relevant resource for our architects and interior designers, saving us countless amounts of time and effort which would have otherwise been spent conducting research.

Building Design Resources staff were a pleasure to work with; I would highly recommend them to any firm seeking to outsource its library and archiving services."

Sue Metzinger
Manager of Administration and Human Resources

“With the expert assistance of BDR's archivist Jenya, we've been working through 40+ years of project archives, and it's such a relief to be able to confidently use the new database to find what is needed and pull exactly those items from off-site. It's also a great help to have our librarian, Donna, regularly whip our library into shape, keep it in order and up-to-date, and help with specific questions or requests."

Erica Metzger
Office Manager
HMFH Architects, Inc.

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